Hand-powered tool that enables spreading, cutting and squeezing.

Standard supplied with:

  • i-Bolt technology
  • 360° rotatable pump handle
  • 360° rotatable carrying handle
  • Fold flat pump and carrying handles
Basic specifications
modelHCT 5114 ST
max. working pressure720 / 72 (bar/Mpa)10443 psi
max. spreading force1350 / 137.7 (kN/t)303492 lbf
theoretical calculated spreading force740 / 75.5 (kN/t)166359 lbf
min. spreading force (EN 13204)33 / 3.4 (kN/t)7419 lbf
spreading distance362 mm14.3 in
max. cutting opening277 mm10.9 in
max. squeezing force34 / 3.5 (kN/t)7644 lbf
theoretical cutting force268 / 27.3 (kN/t)60249 lbf
General specifications
operator typehand
Dimensions, weight and temperature
weight, ready for use9.1 kg20.1 lb
dimensions (AxBxC)583 x 218 x 145 mm23 x 8.6 x 5.7 in
EN 13204 classificationBK33/362-E-9.1
NFPA 1936, cutting capacityA5 B5 C5 D6 E4 F3
EN 13204, cutting capacity1E 2E 3E 4E 5E
EN 13204 compliantyes
NFPA 1936, HSF40 / 4.1 (kN/t)8992 lbf
NFPA 1936, LSF30 / 3.1 (kN/t)6744 lbf
Cutting performance
round bar (S235 acc. to EN 13204)24 mm0.9 in

Extremely compact & ultra-lightweight

  • Easy to add to your existing kit
  • Easy to carry, transport and store
  • Suitable for airborne operations
  • Carrying handle and pump handle 90° foldable for extra compactness


  • Suitable for both cutting and spreading
  • Suitable for dive operations / under water use
  • Suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from forcible entry to extrication of persons trapped

Integrated 2-stage hand pump

  • For low noise operations
  • Self-contained for optimal freedom of movement
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy operation: Simply fold out the pump handle and start pumping

Optimal performance to weight ratio

  • Very high spreading force and large spreading distance compared to size and weight
  • High cutting force and large cutting opening compared to size and weight

360° rotatable carbon fibre pump handle

  • Can be locked in 22 positions
  • For use of the tool in almost any position

360° rotatable aluminium carrying handle

  • Continuous swivel with 11 locking positions
  • For use of the tool in almost any position

Non-slip selection ring

  • Easy, intuitive selection of spreading or cutting
  • Offers good grip

Equipped with i-Bolt

  • Flat central bolt construction for better access to narrow spaces
  • Squeezes the blades together directly, which results in less blade separation and a better cutting performance