Door opener for extremely fast door breaching. Designed for quiet and remote operation.

Standard supplied with:

  • Round pushing plate DBP 12
  • Rectangular pushing plate DBP 14
  • Extension piece DBE 01
  • Extension piece DBE 02
  • Extension piece DBE 03
  • Grip head DBH 21, set of 2
  • Grip head DBH 23, set of 2
  • Grip head DBH 24, set of 2
  • Carrying / storage bag DBC 01
Basic specifications
modelHDB 90 ST
max. working pressure720 / 72 (bar/Mpa)10443 psi
max. spreading force51 / 5.2 (kN/t)11465 lbf
spreading stroke40 mm1.6 in
max. length excl. extension pieces930 mm36.6 in
max. length incl. extension pieces1230 mm48.4 in
max. pushing force38 / 3.9 (kN/t)8543 lbf
Dimensions, weight and temperature
weight, ready for use10.8 kg23.8 lb
dimensions (AxBxC)760 x 300 x 85 mm29.9 x 11.8 x 3.3 in


Suitable for use on high-resistance, multiple lock, inward opening doors

Extremely fast and quiet operation

As fast as explosives, without flying debris

Opens a door in seconds

Pneumatic-hydraulic drive: no sound from the pump

Lightweight with compact dimensions

Carrying, installation and operation by one person; saves manpower

Limits risk of making noise by knocking into things

Push button on door opener for clamping it into door frame

Quick, quiet and easy installation

Remote operation 

Choice between using mounted control on 2 m. / 79 in. hose (part of Door Blaster Pack) or the separate Wireless Control Set (radio range: 100 m. / 328 ft. clear line of sight)

To activate door opener from a distance

To quickly release door opener from a distance

Enhances operator safety

Repetitive use possible

No interruption of your operation